The West Coast Turkish American Chamber of Commerce (WECTAC) is a business association that provides services to Turkish (and/or Turkish speaking) and American companies and business people that are interested in doing business between Turkey and the Turkic countries and on the West Coast of the United States.

WECTAC`s aim to promote and increase the bilateral trade potential and investment levels between Turkey and the West coast of United States while as at the national level, focusing on promoting a comprehensive business agenda and commercial environment. Enhancing bilateral trade, investment, and relations between us is a top priority for healthy bilateral relations. Through committee activities, information exchange, access, visibility, business services, and networking opportunities, WECTAC positions itself as a trusted player among all stakeholders.

Through activities of the Committee, information exchange, access, visibility, business services, and networking opportunities, WECTAC positions itself as a trusted player among all stakeholders, and strives to be a credible partner who wants to create a bridge respected by all as well as effective between the public and private sectors.

About our Values

Meaning behind WECTAC’s Logo

Our visual identity expresses our unique and sensitive point of view and it portrays powerful ideas, actions and values within the Chamber.

Butterflies do not exist alone; they are magical creatures that have symbiotic relationship with flowers. We, as WECTAC, act like a butterfly, and foster the relations between the two precious and unique culture- Turkey and the US. Because, as we say in our slogan, “growing together matters.”

The red wing of our logo symbolizes the Turkish flag, where the blue wing symbolizes the one for the US. Wings are mutually in motion, but they are not crossing. This is the visual translation of Turkish- American relations. Turkey and the US have been allies for long time and they are still continuing reciprocal relations in many areas. Like the wings, they have equal distance, they are equally working but they are independent and free at the same time.

Grey is an intermediate color between black and white. And that wing of the butterfly symbolizes a common sharing place. This color is really important for us because we see grey as a space for communication. We believe that nothing is black or white and there is not only right or wrong. Grey is a place for sharing, negotiating and mediating. Turkey and the US, as two different countries and cultures, can find common values and interests, and in this way they can “grow together.”

The green wing is our perspective about environment. We, as WECTAC, support green economy. Our aim is focused on guiding the economy and supporting new technologies with a focus on nature, sustainability, and justice.

Our concern is not only fostering the economy, but also develop and build up global values such as gender equality and equal opportunity. Education is one of the most important things for WECTAC. We believe that the education is the basic and the most important tool for development of a country, as it also creates opportunities and stability.