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U.S.A. Market Opportunities and Market Access Seminar

US Market Opportunities and Entering to the US Market Seminar Istanbul, Turkey May 31, 2016

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ICOC/ ITO) declared 2016 as the year of export. Turkey has set fifteen export market targets for 2016-2017. Among these is the United States as the most important market. It is in that context that a one-day US Market Opportunities and Entering to the US Market Seminar was held in Istanbul, on May 31, 2016.

The US Istanbul Consulate General Commercial Attaché Neil Pickett gave the opening speech at the seminar and later talked about “How to Invest in the US.” He mentioned an important caveat to those who want to do business and invest in the US: “The first rule for investment: You work with the legal and tax advisors and stay away from trouble!”

WECTAC`s Executive Director Ms. Meral DURAN had the pleasure of participating as a speaker in the seminar, as well. She talked about the “Economic and Commercial Potential of the West Coast of the United States” and mainly focused on the states of California and Texas.” As the Executive Director and the Senior Advisor of WECTAC, Meral Duran said “As WECTAC we are looking forward to our continued collaboration and work with all who were part of this very successful seminar.”





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